Bug Out Locations

pirate shipThe term “Bug Out” refers to the British slang that means to move away from your current location very quickly (often under fire) because your position has been compromised by the enemy.

Indeed, at the first sign of trouble, a lot of preppers anticipate rushing off to a house and land in some isolated rural area, where they’ll be able to grow their own food, generate their own power, and stay out of the way of the chaos and mayhem that the rest of society is succumbing to.

But as the situation escalates, it may not be so easy to keep from avoiding the danger that has captured you and your surroundings.

There is no way to consider all the possibilities and anticipate the actions of those around you. There are so many worse-case scenarios from tornado destruction that leads to looting or a hurricane that renders drinking water a hot commodity.

It is great to have a Bug Out location but how do you inform your group that it is time to rally and go to your secondary location? Just think that cell phones could be dead, your group could be in 4 different locations, how will you be able to communicate with one another and get them all safely to your secondary Bug Out location.

Here are some tips on setting up a second bug-out location:

  • Communicate With Your Group. How will you communicate with your group if phones are dead? Will you hang a white flag upon your front porch? Will you turn your current flag upside down? Or will you discuss different options that will automatically trigger the exodus to your secondary Bug Out location?

            For example:

We advise equipping your group members with handheld radios that they can use to communicate. But since there’s a chance that attackers may intercept your radio transmissions, it’s crucial to have everyone memorize a pre-arranged code word that indicates that it’s time to flee to the other site. As well as a code word to announce that it is safe to return to your primary location.

  • Safe Distance. You want your fallback location to be far enough away that you’re out of the line of fire. It could be unoccupied land, or property owned by another friendly prepper who’s willing to provide refuge. We recommend that your secondary location should be several miles away from large cities and large populated areas. The main thing to consider is that you need to get there quickly and you’ll also need to have some sort of bug-out transportation to get there. A utility vehicle with ample space is great, but a motorcycle, ATV, folding bicycle, or an adult tricycle with a basket for cargo may make it easier to slip away.
  • Provide Shelter. A conventional trailer or camper van could serve as an emergency location. You must remember that gasoline will be a hot commodity and will be required to move your camper or trailer. Another option is a “tiny house” or “tent camp site” with just enough space for a bed. The advantages of these sites are portability and concealment.
  • Set Up Caches. We advise buying free dried food supplies and burying or concealing a cache of food, water, first-aid supplies, weapons, ammunition, and other survival equipment, such as flashlights, ponchos and multi-purpose buckets.


3 Main Things To Keep In Mind:

  1. Have a means to escape. It doesn’t matter if it’s a beat-up old mountain bike, as long as it gets you to safety
  2. Have a place to go that’s far enough away to be safe. You need to get at least several miles from whatever trouble has erupted, so you safely can regroup and figure out what to do next.
  3. Hide some supplies someplace. Even if it’s just a metal canister or duffel bag with some preserved food, water, a flashlight, extra batteries, extra gas, poncho and a survival knife, you’ll be glad to have it in an emergency.


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Your Pirate Captain,

Phil Turturici