Preppers Clamor To Buy From BlackBeard Land

pirate red skullBlackBeard Land offers a wide range of raw land properties in Colorado, Arizona, and Texas and beyond. Years of working in the real estate industry has given us the essential knowledge and experience when it comes to satisfying our client’s needs and wants. Among the many demands we handle one includes bug out property for doomsday Preppers. With our unique properties and surrounding landscape, we can provide our clients a property that satisfies their specific needs and wants.

Any doomsday Prepper knows the most important thing to consider is the location of the Bug Out property. This is why we have bug out lands located in the safe and quiet areas of Arizona, Texas and Colorado. Hidden within the natural landscape, our properties offer the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and privacy. What’s even better is these properties feature the stunning landscape of the mountains and surrounding meadows, giving you a firsthand view of nature’s beauty.

Our properties are surrounded by nature, including acres of prairies, woodlands, rivers, lakes and reservoirs and the wilderness beyond that can be a good source of food and water for you and your loved ones.

We have very specific criteria when finding properties like these, which is why we strive to help buyers choose and acquire their perfect bug out retreat. Our team can assist you in finding your perfect location by having you simply tell us what type of Prepper property you’re looking for, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you’re searching for somewhere to make it through any number of doomsday scenarios, some prominent members of the survivalist “Pepper” movement say look no further than the Midwest.

That sentiment has Preppers flocking to the Midwest for property. Owner, BlackBeard Land, Phil Turturici, says he has received so many calls from Preppers; the company is now specifically marketing much of its Midwest property to those who are preparing for the worst.

“Years ago, I would have never heard of a ‘Prepper’ or the ‘doomsday movement.’ But over the last year or so it has become much more main stream.” Partner, Lori Turturici said. “We get requests daily from people all over the United States who are looking for Prepper land or possible Bug Out Locations.”

As for why Preppers are setting their sights on the Midwest, several contributing factors are price, location and available resources that are readily accessible.

Basically, the Prepper attitude is that when a natural disaster, a government collapse or any other number of doomsday scenarios hits, the highly populated cities on the East Coast and West Coast will fall into disarray.

Whether you believe any of those scenarios are plausible or you think Preppers are a bunch of psychologically damaged extremists, the impact on the raw land real estate market in the Midwest is very real.

“We see our clients wanting rural and secluded raw land parcels with dead end roads back in an area that they can build their own compound. People like that seclusion and privacy,” said Turturici. Furthermore, a lot of our clients are also buying land just as a weekend getaway, a place that they can call their own. There’s a wide range of reasons why people are investing in raw land.

BlackBeard Land Owner, Phil, says another reason he is suddenly swamped with survivalists is that his company provides its own financing. Those who fear an economic collapse may not be too keen on utilizing a traditional bank for financing. Furthermore Phil says, “Some of our clients would not be able to pass with a poor credit rating or a background check.”

“Our niche being that we provide owner financing, zero percent interest and no credit checks or background checks on any of our clients definitely appeals to that crowd,” said Phil.

The owner of BlackBeard Land says Preppers are a relatively recent phenomenon, but the selling points are very much the same as other customers have demanded – LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION.

“People like the thought of having a place of their own to get away. People like being self-sufficient and being able to make it on their own and live off the land. That is something that appeals to a lot of people,” said owner Lori Turturici. “I don’t think there’s anything negative about being a ‘Prepper’ and being prepared for bad times. If bad times ever come, the people who own a little dirt are going to be in a lot better situation than someone who just lives in a condo and doesn’t know how to operate anything except an iPhone.”

So when you are ready to start your due diligence in finding the perfect raw land lot for you and your loved ones, consider BlackBeard Land. They have the expertise and knowledge to make your dream a reality.



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